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Return Policy


Thank you for using the online shopping website service of "Seven Islands Hong Kong Limited" (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" and/or "the Website"). When customer (hereinafter referred to as "you" and/or “customer”) make purchases, make reservations, or use the other services provided by http://www.proshop-sevenislands.com, and all the pages of the Website, you are Unconditionally accept and fully agree to the Company's Refund And Return Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") listed below.

General Principles

Seven Islands Hong Kong Limited reserve the final right of decision on all types of refunds and return and exchange applications.

1.Spot Product

   1.      After the payment is completed, all orders indicate that you have confirmed all the contents of the order and agree to all the policies and terms of the Website. In any case, all items and contents in the order cannot be changed or cancelled, unless written by the Company confirm.

   2.      All spot products cannot be refunded or replaced after completing the payment procedure and confirming the order.

   3.      It is your responsibility to understand all the products and services provided by the Company before deciding to purchase products, create orders and complete payment procedures in any type, including the shipping costs incurred by the order.

   4.      Since the packaging size, volume, weight and quantity of different products are not the same, and the shipping costs derived from different third-party logistics companies, time periods, regions or countries are also different. The third-party logistics company will provide the Company with a quotation for the shipping cost according to customer’s order. You should enquiry your shipping fee before create an order and/or before completing the payment process and you will bear the shipping cost.

   5.      In any case, if you object to any circumstances other than the order and request to cancel the transaction, order and refund, the Company will follow the "partial refund" principle of the following "Special Circumstances Agreement" to process your order, request and happening.

2.Pre-Order Product

1.      All reservations are made according to your requirements: including brand, model, style, color and size, etc., so the Company will not provide any return or exchange services.

2.      After payment is confirmed, all orders cannot be modified unless they are confirmed in writing by the Company. In any case, all orders that have completed the payment process cannot apply for cancellation.

3.      The Company will not make any decision for you, the final choice and decision right of the product is yours.

4.      The contents of the goods in the order are settled separately for each item. Therefore, if the goods in the order are not fully arrived when customer picking up the goods, the customer must first pay the balance of the withdrawn goods when picking up the goods. If some of the items in the order are unsuccessfully order, the company will refund the deposit paid for the unsuccessful order. In this case, the customer must also fully pay the remaining balance of the successfully ordered goods. If the customer requires that all the goods in the order can be successfully ordered, it must be submitted to the company and confirmed in writing by the company before the transaction.

3. Acceptance and shipping terms

  1. Physical Store Self-pickup:The customer is responsible for clearly understanding the product information and clearly checking the status of the purchased product before leaving our physical store. Therefore, the Company will not provide refund or return or exchange services for this.
  2. Delivery by designation third-party logistics company: The company provides the delivery service of designated third-party logistics company. The customer is responsible for checking the product status before signing for the goods. For all problems caused by the third-party logistics company, the customer must refuse to sign for the goods or notified the third-party logistic company and/or us within 2 hours after the goods are signed (subject to the signing time shown on the logistics company's express order), and will not be accepted after that. 
  3. The Private Delivery Service provided by the company: The scope of the Private Delivery Service provided by the Company is limited to Hong Kong area. And at the same time, the Company provides on-site inspection services. Regardless of any reason or situation, your acceptance or signed  for the product is agree to the completion and satisfaction of the order. So the Company will not provide any refund and return services for this.

4.The Cpmpany will not accept all the refund and/or return requests made by you in any of the following situations:

  1.  Color different problem. Since the images and colors produced by the screens or displays of different electronic devices are not the same, you must understand and accept that the actual colors of the products are somewhat different from the screens or displays of the electronic devices.
  2. The actual appearance, color, shape, size, usage, and purpose of the product are different from your expectations and imagination.
  3. The actual size of the product is not more than 5% of the total area or volume from the official description.
  4. The delivery time exceeds the agreement or estimated time provided by the third-party logistics company.
  5. Product appearance changes, defects, and modifications caused by any extreme climate change in different regions or countries.

5.Special Circumstance Agreement

In the following special circumstances, the Company will provide customers with "full refund", "partial refund" or "product exchange" services for the orders that have objected to them. Please note: In the special case of "partial refund", the Company will deduct 20% of the total amount of the order from the customer as the Company's administrative processing fee without prior notice and explanation. Based on the customer’s responsibility to make good use of the multiple contact channels provided by the Company to understand all the Company’s policies and terms before choosing this Website and all the services of the Company, and customer has chosen to agree to the Company and the policy including this Refund And Return Policy when creating an order before process the payment procedure. So you cannot refuse to bear the administrative processing fee of "partial refund" under any circumstances.

  1. Special circumstances under which a "full refund" or "replacement of goods" can be obtained:

          a)The order time exceeds the time agreed in the order.

          b)The supplier stops producing all the goods in the order.

          c)The style does not match the brand or product model on the order.

   2.   Special circumstances under which "partial refund" can be obtained:

          a)The third-party logistics company cannot provide shipping services to your region and country.

          b)The shipping cost of your chosen third-party logistics company is beyond your imagination.

          c)Any logistics or product related issues arising from a third-party logistics company.

6.Unless the product the Company gives to the customer is not the product ordered by the customer (that is, the brand and model are different), all logistics and transportation costs (including all round-trip freight and all administrative processing costs) must be borne by the customer, regardless of the circumstances and any reasons.

7.If the Company or the Website agrees with the customer’s refund request, the customer must ensure that the condition of the returned good does not affect the secondary sale, or must comply with the Company’s requirements for return and exchange. In the following cases, the Company will reject customer’s return request, including:

-     Products that have been unpacked, used, or damaged due to customer personal reasons.(*1)

-     The original label, tag or any accessory is missing.

-     Outer box or packaging is damaged.

-     Product missing any parts.

 *1):Any damage to the product, improper storage, any wearing trace and tear of the product and trace of use will not be refunded or returned.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Hong Kong") and both you (“the customer”) and the Company agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.


When the payment has been made, please decide the delivery method of your order within 6months. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled and considered as abandoned parcel without notice. All the payment had been made will NOT be refunded.

The Company may revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any dispute arises, the Company determination shall be final.

Where these terms and conditions are available in Traditional Chinese and/or English version, the Traditional Chinese version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy among the versions.